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Illuminated mirror

productNumber: SERR120
Measurement: 1200x680x175mm

2 LED-exposed illumination, each 2,4 Watt
carcass alu coloured
incl. connected to room light
shelf made of acrylic glass:
orange No. A0249
red No. A0250
dark grey No. A0251

Available fronts

Lacquer aubergine high glossLacquer aubergine mattLacquer aubergine matt structureLacquer dark grey high glossLacquer dark grey mattLacquer dark grey matt structureLacquer light grey high glossLacquer light grey mattLacquer light grey matt structureLacquer reed high glossLacquer reed mattLacquer reed matt structureLacquer black high glossLacquer black mattLacquer black matt structureLacquer white high glossLacquer white matt

Available handles

Handle G0116