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SYS30 Sana

tall unit

productNumber: HSZE050
Measurement: 500x1760x320mm

1 door openes with overhang
4 glass shelves
1 fixed central panel
1 rack with 4 shelves incl. vertical LED-light, 8 W, 4250 K
connected to room light

Available finishes

Lacquer anthracite high glossLacquer dark grey high glossLacquer grey high glossLacquer light red high glossLacquer light grey high glossLacquer sand high glossLacquer reed high glossLacquer white high glossVeneer light oak finelineVeneer light grey oak finelineVeneer light grey oakVeneer natural oakVeneer black oakVeneer tobacco oak

Available handles

Knob 12Bar handle C14Bar handle G0031Bar handle M04bow handle S04Handle G0094Bar handle P95Bar handle G0090Long line handle G0028Bow handle G0130Bar handle G0140Handle G0150Recessed grip G0160Bow handle G0129Handle G0116Long line handle G0124Handle G0184bow handle G0201